Cool Sites

I recently finished teaching a college programming course. During the semester I decided to crowd source my class for websites they frequent or find interesting. Some are well known, some not so much. This is the list I got:

Escapist Magazine Zero Punctuation Funny, short video reviews of select video games

mSpot Stream your music to wherever you are on phone, browser etc. (2GB free)

Know Your Meme Documenting internet phenomena

W3schools Learn all kinds of web development

Ninite Batch installing for multiple programs

Kiva Micro-loans to developing countries (awesome)

Github Social code hosting

SDL Tutorials Programming in SDL a 2D cross-platform graphics library

Wallbase Cool wallpapers

99 bottles of beer Programs that output 99 bottles beer implemented in many different programming languages

OvertoneLabs Support network and code for programming CUI32 microcontroller

Sikuli Programming using screenshots

XIM3 Adapter for using mouse and keyboard on xbox 360

Color Scheme Designer Cool color wheel website

CodingBat Feedback programming practice for Java and Python

Reddit Social news site

Slickdeals and Bensbargains Deal hunting sites

CourtHouseNews Original news content on recent rulings (not just what gets picked up by the major news providers)


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