My favorite LibreOffice extensions

#1 I have yet to test this feature in LibreOffice but calc2latex is one of the most useful extensions I have ever encountered. What does it do? Simply, it takes a table created in the spreadsheet program and converts it to a Latex table. If you have ever made a large latex table by hand then you can appreciate what a HUGE time saver the calc2latex extension can be. It is fantastic.

#2 A while back (two years ago?) I was delighted to find that OpenOffice has a presenter console that lets the presenter see his notes, a timer, and the upcoming slide separate from the presentation being given. This is extremely helpful if there is a lot of detail or some difficult to remember phrasing that is not meant for the audience. This feature has been available in Microsoft Office and Keynote for some time but it is one of those features whose addition to LibreOffice gives a strong professional touch.


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