Giving away ideas

Its 08/07/13 ? Already?!  Its time to breathe some life into this thing. My inspiration? Well I keep this little notebook full of ideas for phone apps, science projects, schemes for taking over the world, etc. Some are great (hopefully), some are stupid, and some are impossible. Yesterday(?) Google was granted a patent for a customizable screen unlock  and this idea was in the notebook.

“So what? All someone has to do is panic-fail while unlocking their phone in an effort to capture a baby panda yawning at the zoo and they would have this idea.”

Yeah thats true. But I wrote this crappy little idea down in my notebook back in 2010 and it hasn’t done me a damn bit of good since.

“What good are ideas that you do nothing with?”

Yes, thats my thinking exactly. At worst I suppose they are a waist of energy. So this is what I’m going to use that now patented idea for–motivation. If I do something with just one item in this notebook–even give it away–then that is better than nothing (i’m trying out en dashes).

Idea 05/11/10

Android app: “Super Unlock” The way you unlock the phone launches an app. e.g. “C” for camera. Programmable.

PS I would like to give a nod to Charles Stross whose Accelerando I read (in 2003?) on a Palm Pilot while sitting on a throne of broken servers (literally). Here is to *freeing* up some ideas.

And also a shout-out to my buddy Bryan, for telling me to blog about some of my ramblings. Here goes.


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