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Watch me glasshole

August 21, 2014

Some ideas concerning glass interfaces.

Idea1-From ye old tweet

Maybe this is kind of an obvious next step (or maybe it has already happened). But I think it would be really great if there was a control setup where a user put a finger on a smart watch and used recognition of minute transitions as you roll the finger to control things on the screen of something like google glass.

Idea 2- PGP key in your google glass. There is a message on a screen (not your glasses) and it shows up as encrypted gibberish. Everyone in the room whose google glasses have a paired key to the encrypted gibberish can view a live overlay of the decrypted message.


Hello world!

December 18, 2008

I have decided to document some of theĀ  minutiae that I come across in the day to day.

  • This might keep me from figuring out the same thing twice (or three, four…lots of times)
  • Someone else might find it helpful

Next post I’m gonna kick things off by talking about laptop hard drive BS in ubuntu, upgrade problems with Kubuntu 8.10, and Nepomuk semantic desktop.